Monday, February 3, 2014

Three celebrations

Sunday brought three "celebrations" for us:

a) A Super Bowl party complete with four winners in our 12th annual Lenore Shaw memorial Super Bowl Pool. Can't believe it's been twelve years since Sister Lenore died. She was such a grand woman--generous, humorous and a marvelous good time whether at home, work or anywhere. We miss her very much;

b) Ground Hog's Day--since we are in Pennsylvania, and Punxsutawney is even in our diocese, it is a celebrated day--at least in the papers and in the media;

c) The Feast of the Presentation or Candlemas Day. The readings and prayers of this feast usurped Sunday's, which is saying something! As circumstances would have it, our celebrant for liturgy is a native of a town near Punxsutawney and he gave a wonderful reflection on the early German tradition of Candlemas (the coming of the Light) from which this crazy ground hog tradition evolved.

Here are two renditions of Simeon's hymn, "Nunc Dimittis." If you search on youtube you'll find 100s, but I thought you might enjoy these: contemporary and traditional.

Finally, we awoke to yet another winter wonderland Sunday, with a light, morning freezing snowfall that made our trees and bushes sparkle as every branch held a 1/2" of glistening beauty. Here's a scene right outside my bedroom window.