Monday, March 10, 2014

Lent begins and SoS #3

Lent began this weekend, of course, and ours started very well with a Vigil Saturday night highlighted by a fine reflection by one of our sisters with a good-sized crowd on hand. Sunday morning's liturgy was quite good, too. Its highlight was the inaugural singing of two new hymns and a new Mass. All went very well and we look forward to them throughout the Lenten season.

Last Tuesday the talk of the place was the herd of 11 deer that put on a show in the backyard during the lunch hour. Our deer, in groups, have been making regular appearances over the last two-three weeks and yesterday I had a group of 8 right outside my window. They were grazing on the newly exposed grass. We are continually amazed that they survive our brutal winters: both cold and snow, but here they are again--early Signs of Spring #3.