Thursday, March 6, 2014

New visuals and SoS #2

If you came to LTSGW directly today you really ought to go to our community site, too. There are some great new visuals with stories from the past week. One of them features the welcoming of a new participant in our Benedicta Riepp program that allows women to live with us for a period of time, sharing our prayer, ministry and community life.

This gal is our 5th "Susan" and I, myself, am well aware that my "Susan" status is falling with all these same-named gals. You see Susan #1 is our food service director! When someone says, "I have to talk to Susan" they usually mean about a menu. Why not--our food is terrific, just watch our guests' eyes pop as they see our salad bar for the first time; Susan #2 is the sister who coordinates our insurance and medical office. Anyone who can navigate that world is a genius and a godsend indeed. Third on the list if you hear the name "Susan" is probably our newest one mentioned above--just because she's new and we're all watching out for her; that leaves two of us---and without a doubt Susan #4 is a sister who is a large part of the responsibility for our marvelous Lenten prayer, liturgies and environment! see how I end up 5th?!? I say, no more Susans--employees or sisters. If this keeps up we may soon surpass the Anne's!

Here's a nice display that our librarians put out for the new liturgical season. Our community book for Lent is Richard Rohr's Falling Upward that we began in Advent, but there are many more available and the sisters are faithful readers.

And, finally, continuing my new series--here's Signs of Spring #2: look what emerged when the winter sun melted ½ our snow the last couple of days....I believe these are the beginning of a plot of irises. "Hope springs eternal." (Alexander Pope)