Monday, March 3, 2014

Retreat weekend and SoS #1

A Seasons of the Spirit retreat was held this weekend as 25-30 very happy retreatants spent the weekend with us. One of the major reasons for their smiles was the return of their "leader" Sister Carolyn GK, who was back full force after nearly a year getting through serious pancreatitis. But, she's back and it was wonderful to see her with her retreat troupe again.

The Erie Zoo re-opened for the season Saturday, which is always a sure sign of spring. Here's my own #1 Sign of Spring: Solar Dancing Flower! This little plastic flower was placed on a window ledge in our north assembly room about a month ago by a very optimistic sister. Every day I'd go by it and nary a move or, at best, a slow, slow oscillation. One day when it was standing stark still I thought to myself, "Oh, I bet the battery is dead" before I realized sadly, that it's solar, and there just wasn't any sunlight to move it.

But this past week a corner has been turned, our little Solar Dancing Flower has been "dancing" back and forth every day and, some days, actually wildly! We've had so much sun (even amidst the cold temps). It is certainly worthy to be our first Sign of Spring. (Watch for more throughout March).