Monday, May 5, 2014

May days

Spring and the month of May have descended on us full force. This weekend SoS held its spring retreat which coincided with World Labyrinth Day and activities to celebrate that were woven into the retreat for the 35 retreatants who attended.

Also this weekend our hospitality "minister" posted the schedule of visitors for the next two weeks, all 9" of it: single-spaced. Guests are listed in the order of their arrival and the next two weeks (the beginning of our busiest season) bring these people to our home:

May 1: 6 arrivals
May 2: 11
May 4: 1
May 5: 1
May 8: 4
May 9: 4
May 10: 1
May 11: 2
May 13: 1
May 16: 6
May 18: 3
May 19: 2

Can you say "revolving door"?

And what will they find when they arrive? Hopefully a place of welcome, peace and quiet if they want it, camaraderie and discussion if they want that, and prayer and hospitality to all.

My favorite spring flowers: white hyacinths. How these escaped the damaging winds and rain that we have had over the last week, is a miracle. But here they are: erect and tall and beautiful.

Walking by the inner courtyard today I glanced outside, as we all do no matter how many times we pass those windows every day, and saw what looked like a "rash" that had broken out in the grass! Discovered that they are tiny white and purple violets. All over the lawn, cute as can be!