Monday, May 12, 2014

May is in flower everywhere

Don't miss the Smilebox show on our community front page, as it very well summarizes our Prophet of Peace Award ceremony last Thursday night. Simone Campbell, SSS, director of Network, was a lovely guest and a most worthy recipient of our community recognition.

Hummingbird feeders and oranges for our Baltimore Orioles, (I used to love watching Brooks Robinson play 3rd base for them),  went up this weekend. This first hummingbird was there within the hour.

Benedict is his most welcoming when the daffodils surround him.

This is the tree in the Garden of Memories, just beginning to flower. It is pure white and breathtakingly beautiful.

And this is one of my favorite spring scenes--the blossoms of the tree above fill the windows of the library as you look in from the hall. Luckily it is right across from my office so I see it hundreds of times during the week of its blooming.