Thursday, June 26, 2014


The news this week is full of "natural disasters" in the form of drought in California, Oklahoma and Texas, swollen rivers in the Midwest from north to south, and tornadoes seemingly everywhere. In our corner of PA. we are having a lovely, lovely late spring and early summer, free of those aforementioned weather difficulties. And, yes, we are well aware of these blessings and pray for those who are battling the elements. Very hard to see stories of people losing their homes, livelihood, etc.

One of our greatest natural blessings is Presque Isle State Park and a car ride around it this week brought this sight of a Great Blue Heron in a wetlands area right alongside the road. Some of our sisters have already seen them on our property as they fly along the lake shore and cut in at the various creeks--ours is Seven-Mile Creek and it attracts them each summer.

In the drier venue, here is part of an un-mowed field that has gone to wildflowers and weeds. My Canon camera doesn't do the justice to it that our human eyes did. It was stunningly beautiful.