Monday, June 2, 2014

This is working!?

I had an extremely rare opportunity this week--to spend a weekday morning at Presque Isle, under the guise of "working." What a treat! We have a guest who is here as part of a sabbatical. She is an avid birder and great outdoors lover. Where better than our peninsula, bird sanctuary, trails and back roads.

We hardly touched the surface in 3+ hours, but I saw a whole different world that I usually only hear about, as I am seldom there in the quiet and less populated times of 8-11:00 a.m.

Did I mention that she is an accomplished photographer? Every place she took a photo with her long lens camera I took one with my pretty good flat digital. Here are three that were quite the sights:

When we first arrived there was a thick fog/mist since the temperature had dropped quite a bit from the previous warm day. Here are two fishermen in the misty bay. 

This was a field of cobwebs--seriously, a whole large area filled with glistening (in the sun) beautifully woven webs. 

I would guess that this is a good time for driftwood, because it's now exposed after months of being formed by the elements of nature. We saw loads of it and this formation was one of the best. There are cobwebs on it, too, if you look closely.

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