Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

Last night was a perfect summer evening for a walk to the lake, via the paths--over the bridge, through the woods, past the hermitages, out to East Lake Rd and down to the lake. On the way we passed "tokens" that our hermitage guests leave in amidst the trees and bushes along the way. Here is a sampling, though I didn't get them all.

By the way, our hermitages are packed at this time of year, so if you're thinking you might like to come for a get-away for a few days---sorry, think 2015!

This little white bunny is hiding in an old downed tree.

A birdhouse on the unused circular steps to hermitage 3.

A "shrine" to St. Francis and his love of nature.

There are a number of "inspirational" stones. Just one word.

Another birdhouse for our many, many birds.

I think this ought to be in Maine where there really are moose or elk. We have bucks but not as large as this big fella.