Monday, July 7, 2014

Findley Lake

This weekend we visited the "lake" but not Lake Erie via Presque Isle....way too busy, as we had three gorgeous days of warmth and sun for the holiday. Instead we traveled about 15 miles south to the little town (I don't know if theoretically it's even a town) of Findley Lake and enjoyed a wonderful three hours in a pleasantly crowded holiday place on a lake that was man-made in 1815--according to the historical markers. Here are four scenes that particularly caught my eye:

Outside of town this old pump still stands in the front yard.

Again, on the road that circles the lake, was this pretty little cottage/house.

Norman Rockwell would be grinning from his grave: yes, they have a huge tree from which hangs a long, long rope and teenage boys took turns swinging and dropping into the water. WOW--Americana and the 4th of July in spades!

This little girl was fishing with her Dad off a pier. He would put on the bait and take off the fish, but she held the pole--and caught about 6-7 little fish in the hour we watched her. A natural!

But...the very best was on a guy who was walking toward us wearing a T-shirt that read "Findley Lake" and underneath in smaller letters: "shhhhh, it's a secret!"