Monday, July 14, 2014


I've been saving this announcement for a special day and today is that day: We have triplets! Yes, Mount St. Benedict continues to be some sort of nature preserve extraordinaire with our multitude of birds, rabbits, a coyote, wild turkey, deer and now, ta da: triplet fawn. How common are triplet fawn? Answer here.

Sr. Ann H. did get a photo of them at Benetwood Apartments in our backyard and on July 4th we had a Name the Triplets Contest: Sr. Rose Ann won with the names Eenie, Meenie and Minee. (She gave Moe to the single young buck we see almost daily.) Then this week another sister spotted the triplets in our front yard.

I've only seen the single fawn, not even the twins, let alone E, M and M. We're counting on the apples in our back orchard (and they are on their way) to give us all a chance to see them regularly.

Such fun!

We all miss our Sr. Veronica Byer greatly. In her honor here is her favorite statue (the one she used to cover with plastic bags in the rain and snow and sit with when she said the rosary) . The flowers reached  full bloom this week.