Monday, July 28, 2014


This past week I had the opportunity to take a week away--away from the regular schedule, the regular responsibilities and the regular daily activities. To that end, we spent a great deal of time outdoors and here is one of our best forays: walking along our downtown bayfront. What a cacophony of activities! You see tourists doing absolutely everything--from eating outdoors to taking the ferry to Presque Isle to playing putt-putt golf and fishing; locals are working in the hotels and businesses and there are summer-only activities everywhere. Here are three scenes that caught my eye:

Even in the part of the bay that houses boats and working businesses, these water lilies made it through. 

Here is a catch of walleye all ready to be filleted, right on the spot. When I asked the fishermen what they do with them, they said, "Eat 'em!" (I had thought these might be for sale to local restaurants or stores--silly me.)

And here is our Brig Niagara, not open today, but still visible, albeit "behind bars."