Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of summer-Labor Day

The Hereford Lighthouse--a working lighthouse in Wildwood, NJ right on the Atlantic Ocean.

Many osprey nests line the bridge from the mainland over to the shore towns and beaches.

My favorite sight on the Wildwood boardwalk this year: Superman T-shirt complete with attached cape. 

The last beach concert of the summer: Beattlemania. An hour and a half of music of the Beattles. They were so good that you really thought you were back in 1964!

This weekend we missed one of our best "preachers"...darn! It was an interesting gospel to contemplate, I wonder what he did with it.

Here's an excerpt from the booklet Give Us This Day that we use. It's from the writer Kathleen Norris as she reflects on that reading: "No one likes a naysayer. As Abraham Heschel once commented, a prophet is someone you wouldn't invite to you home a second time....Jesus of today's Gospel, telling his disciples of the suffering and death he must endure in Jerusalem would fit this bill....But God knows that it is often through pain and hardship that we grow in compassion and love."