Monday, September 29, 2014

Soul food

If you haven't had the chance, you might enjoy all the comments that have come in through our facebook page ( with the death of Sister Christine. There are some very nice things that come via facebook and this is certainly one of them.

See our community website for links to her obit et al.

My cousin, who fell in love and married a Canadian a number of years ago, lives about 3 hours from Erie now but comes back regularly to visit family and friends. She is naturally very funny and admitted to me last week at a Lighthouse Restaurant lunch we were sharing during her September visit, that her funniest story these days is telling everyone about her cousin, "the nun," down in the states whose community has a fleet of cars, asking them to guess what car is the most popular. Then she says, "They're KIA souls....a group of nuns all driving 'souls'!" Even I agreed that it is funny...but they are great cars for our need and lo and behold, last week we got a new one: here it is lime green. I guess it's probably # 8 or 9---we have white, black, grey, green, pumpkin orange and now lime green.

Some wild grapes along the Troupe Rd. woods between our place and Benetwood Apartments. The wooded lands throughout our property are full of end-of-summer and early fall "things" of every sort, color and type. If there was ever a time for a walk in the woods, it is now.