Thursday, September 25, 2014


This Saturday a professional photographer is offering a photography workshop to us. I hope to learn some things! Meanwhile, I was just walking around on what felt like an average day and came upon these shots I wanted to share.

I'm not suppose to call these wild turkeys "ugly" so I'll say, "Look at these unusually homely birds that were walking through our yard today."

Our temperatures have been very cool in the mornings (48-50) and then warm during the day (70+) so we saw this unusual "mist" coming off the backyard grass about 7:30 pm as the air was quickly cooling.

I was walking through the chapel at about 12:30 pm, right after lunch, and caught what to me were the stained-glass windows in a new light. (Pun intended, I guess). If you look at the photos in the far right column you'll see that I usually see the windows reflected on the ceramic tiles, with curves and shapes all over. Today all there was were long straight lines of color...absolutely nothing to indicate that the light was coming through hundreds of small squares, rectangles and numerous other shapes. However, then I caught sight of the floor and another equally unusual sight, near perfect windows with few distortions. WOW.....they continue to astonish !