Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend events

This was a busy, busy weekend with many and diverse events offered. Here are two I attended.

On Saturday our Monasteries of the Heart program sponsored its first webinar. With the help of local PBS station WQLN, they offered a nearly 2-hour event that was live streamed on the web. Sister Joan C. gave a presentation on love, forgiveness, reconciliation and compassion. Following a 15-minute break she returned for a 15-minute Q & A on questions emailed in from viewers. It was a very successful venture which promises more in this venue.

Sunday was an international day of action for climate change. Events all over the world took place this weekend, including here in Erie Sunday afternoon. Originally planned for outdoors at Perry Square, high winds and possible rain showers sent it inside at nearby Gannon University's former library, the Yehl Room, which turned out to be a more than worthy substitute. The crowd was large, the displays excellent and varying, covering all aspects of climate and environmental concerns for our Lake Erie area. A number of our oblates and sisters were on the planning committee. Congratulations to them on a great city/region-wide event.