Monday, October 6, 2014

A mushroom is a mushroom

A week ago I was able to attend the first part of a photography workshop we had here. About 12-15 of our sister-photographers came and learned loads of tips and procedures for taking better pictures. The one I'll remember is this: when you photograph something, take shots from lots of different angles and/or move the subject around if you can. She showed us many series of photos, the first one she always called "ok"/standard; the second: "more interesting" and finally, "the best," the one that finally captured and showed the best/the uniqueness of the subject.

When a sister told me that she thought there was a "photo opportunity" in our courtyard I went out and, remembering Peggy's lesson, I took three photos...the first: standard and ok, I'd say; the second, more interesting, as it shows the mushroom in its unusual setting and the third, I hope she would label, "the best."