Monday, October 20, 2014


This week I am at the epicenter of Benedictine life in the United States--60 miles west of Minneapolis-St. Paul home of the largest women's OSB community (St. Benedict Monastery) and men's (St. John's Abbey).

The 240 sisters that call this "home" share their land with the college they founded, the College of St. Benedict, a liberal arts school with an enrollment of 2,000 women.

Perhaps because prioresses interact among themselves so much nowadays or as we are all exposed to the same good monastic literature, ie. contemporary commentaries on the RB, there is a strong feeling of "home" here for the six of us who are visiting. I hope that they would experience the same if they were in Erie!

Here are some shots I took around the campus (and, yes, it is a very large campus). If you're ever out this way (1,000 miles from Erie), do stop by. Quite the places.

The formal entrance to their Sacred Heart Chapel. Celebrating 100 years this year.

The view when you open the doors.

Three lovely panels on the life of Hildegard of Bingen.

A autumn harvest display at the entrance way of their Gift Shop.

In their archives: vestments with hand-done stitchery, much of it in gold. At one time this ministry brought in a large percentage of their income.