Monday, November 17, 2014


OMG, that darn Golden Snow Globe site has started up again with its annual "contest" for cities of populations over 100,000 and their seasonal snowfall. During the 5-6 years it's been "awarding" its prize we've certainly been in the top 20 or so, but last year when we won'd think by the coverage in our local paper that we'd hit upon a new tourist attractor! Geeesssh.

And now, in just mid-November, aren't we already in first place for 2014-15! Oh my. Not my type of "Visit Erie" PR! Go to the link and see for yourself!

On a nicer note, here's a good reflection for a Monday, from Mary:

"What I Can Do"

The television has two instruments that control it.
I get confused.
The washer asks me, do you want regular or delicate?
Honestly, I just want clean.
Everything is like that.
I won't even mention cell phones.

I can turn on the light of the lamp beside my chair
where a book is waiting, but that's about it.

Oh yes, and I can strike a match and make fire.

November 13

November 16
Ok, ok...we live in a snow globe!