Thursday, December 4, 2014

57 Count

For Advent this year we were surprised by a brand new collection of hymns. The booklet (below) features the smallest stained glass window on the south side of our chapel, the one with the little harp.

It also features 57 hymns for this, the first season of the liturgical year. According to my rough estimate we don't even have enough prayer periods from the Vigil of the First Sunday through the morning of December 24th to sing them all--even once! But no fear, many are simple mantras and they will be incorporated into the Sunday liturgies, too.

And yet, even with such a variety, we all have our favorites that we could sing day after day. Here's one of mine: from the then St. Louis Jesuits of the 1970s and 80s, whose individual members are still writing great "church music." This was written in 2001 by the group member Dan Schutte. Click here to hear "A Time Will Come for Singing"---#46 in our new booklet.