Monday, December 29, 2014

Snowy Owls

The November 8th issue of our Erie Times News carried this nature blurb: "Will last year's invasion of snowy owls be repeated? It's not likely. An invasion in Pennsylvania comes once in a lifetime. With an abundance of food for the owls during the Arctic nesting season, more young were reared than usual. It's believed that adults would then drive the young birds out, causing a southward invasion into the U.S."

But as luck would have it, the snowy owls have returned to Presque Isle State Park and this weekend, on an unusually warm 50 degree day, one of our best photographers took camera in hand and headed out to trek her way out to Gull Point (accessible only by foot) to see if she could find one. And she did.

It was a marvelous experience she reported and although there were dozens of amateur and professional photographers around, the snowy owls were not perturbed or frightened.

See these two articles in the Erie Times this month to stay up on our 2014-15 "invasion."
Article one and article two.

A "regular" owl taken also at Gull Point.
Ann Muczynski, OSB