Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas hymns continue

In accord with the liturgical year we're still celebrating the Christmas season (until next Sunday) so here is a look at our chapel for this year's holiday. Very pretty indeed!

A forest of poinsettias at the base of the altar.

The north niche with a nativity icon as the highlight.

These four candles were with us for Advent with blue cloths and are now with us during the Christmas weeks.
Very, very nice.

Four gals and one guy (and an adult leader) from Canisius College in Buffalo are with us for a winter service week. We took them on a hike along the creek and down through Glinodo to the lake. "Kids of all ages" love crossing over the steel girder bridge.
Note: no sign of snow--but that is about to change dramatically, if the weather predictions come true....8-12" throughout the next week. We'll see!