Thursday, January 8, 2015

How's the cold where you are?

Not too bad here....snow in the city has been about 2-4" each overnight or daytime accumulation this week...nothing we can't handle. Our streets guys are tough! The cold is so-so, surely not the below zero temps we've seen reported in the upper Midwest and other places. It's primarily been between 10 and 25 degrees, though today it dipped below 10 for a bit. If we can hold on one more day things are suppose to get better on the weekend; the key word here is "suppose."

Meanwhile indoors we continue our last days of "O Come All Ye Faithful" in both English and Latin today. The Canisius kids are joining right in--at least they know the words to all the songs! Delightful to have them around, especially after their morning in our kitchen with our food service manager who led a huge cookie baking session: chocolate chip and fudgie no bakes for everyone.

Here's the Dickens Village that Sisters Cecilia and Bernadette share with us each year.

This tree is right outside our lower level back door. It is still covered with red berries and Tuesday evening they were covered with a layer of freezing rain-snow. Beautiful, but hard to capture. The feint grey lines you see around the edges are flying snow that prevented me from getting a picture outdoors. This one is from inside, through the glass door! Click to enlarge.