Thursday, January 15, 2015

Peak times

During the months of December-February, when the grey dome that usually covers our area has lifted and bright, bright sunlight shines through....between the hours  of 9:30 a.m. and noon, lovers of our stained glass windows should "come a runnin'."

At least that's the theory I have. And here's a little proof: these were taken last week on a day that matches those peak conditions.

If you come, tell the sister at the foyer desk/switchboard that I invited you and that you're here to take photos of the chapel windows. She'll nod knowingly and point you in the right direction! Enjoy!

My back is up against the south windows, looking north across the chapel..along the ceramic tile floor, past the wooden chairs, through the Christmas candle arrangement, ending at the less photographed north windows.

Remember that little photography workshop we had? She talked about shooting at different angles, being creative and less controlling and being surprised at what turns up. WOW, was I surprised at this. Pretty isn't it?! Did you notice two of the thin west windows in the upper left?