Monday, February 23, 2015


The path between the Mount and Benetwood Apartments has many nice benches where one can stop for a little bit to relax and take in the beauty all around. On a walk down the path Sunday we decided this first bench certainly wasn't "available" today, even for the weary!

Then we came upon the second bench---we could see the back and wondered how deeply buried the seat was!

And then we came upon the third least we think it was the third bench. Can you tell? Oh my! At least we've dropped to 6th in the contest....not even 100" yet. Yeh.

Couldn't resist this hallway viewpoint of Mary..snow almost up to her robe and totally enveloping her head! 

But truly, we never do miss the beauty that most often accompanies 4-5" of fresh overnight snow. Here's the east end of our property one morning. Just stunning.