Thursday, February 5, 2015

Land of 10,000.....

Maybe it's my fondness for all things Lake Wobegon or the trip I took to Minnesota last October to the Benedictine Sisters, but I always enjoy seeing their "Land of 10,000 Lakes" saying--which appears on everything out there.

So, when our two postulants came in the other day with these brand new hooded sweatshirts I smiled and laughed all over the place!

Maybe it's the font they used for "Erie, PA" that looks like the letters were formed by falling snow; or maybe it's the play on the Minnesota motto: "Land of 10,000 Flakes"; but I really think it's the double entendre of "flakes" that brings the biggest chuckle.

Either way, I stand in admiration for these two gals, no, not for the sweatshirts---for being 50 years old, having lived 25+ years as an independent adult, uprooting and traveling 300 miles from their homes, leaving career/work and setting out into what must seem some days like a land of strangers, all new customs, living on $100/month discretionary money, picking up a whole new pace of the day, and through it all wondering: What is this all about? Do I fit? Is this worth a life? In other words, having your life turned upside down and trying to find your way in that new world.

So far they have been amazingly resilient, flexible, generous and kind, kind, kind. Guess they're becoming Benedictine/Erie, PA "flakes."

Our postulants: Karen (blue) and Dina (red). Thanks for posing!