Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day weekend

Valentine's weekend brought a short community meeting on Saturday, made easier with Valentine decorations and treats everywhere! Ditto for the sub-zero temperatures (quite unusual for our area) that landed on us Sunday. Hope things are warmer in your corner of the world.

Here's a bowlful of  Hershey kisses that didn't last long with 75+ of us around!

This is a little Valentine's Day display that some of the sisters put out in the small kitchen area of their hallway.

Our kitchen staff's contribution to the celebration: white and chocolate cake cupcakes with various delicious frostings.

Four days previous we had the celebration of St. Scholastica with white tulips (!!!) as part of the environment. White tulips! I could hardly believe my eyes. In  these deep, cold last weeks of winter, tulips are nothing but a dream.