Monday, March 23, 2015

Seldom Seen #1

Over the last week or so two or three readers of Light Through Stained Glass Windows have mentioned to me how much they liked the series Nooks and Crannies. I haven't "been inspired" to start a new series, as much as I like doing them (the mailboxes were fun, too). But I got an idea today and I hope you like it.

Seldom Seen will feature things around our place that aren't really hidden or even special, except for the fact that they just aren't out in the open or are only used occasionally, so they are "seldom seen."

Here's #1. For the Feast of Benedict last Saturday, the prayer leader placed an icon of Benedict on a small table at the front of chapel. On each side of the table were these very tall vases with two white roses in each. Beautiful. We don't see them often as they, obviously, don't fit on a regular table and are used only in creative and special environments.

After the feast they were moved into the little chapel beside the tabernacle. That's what you see here.

Really, really lovely.