Monday, March 30, 2015

Seldom Seen #2

Because Sr. Placida is our most senior sister (97+) and because she is a loyal LTSGW follower I acquiesced to her "nagging" to use this as Seldom Seen #2. Every Saturday she comes through the dining room and chants "Ora and labora" to me as I am giving our ferns their weekly watering. This week she brought her Kindle (yes, a Kindle user at 97+...amazing!) and took a dozen shots of the "seldom seen" process that involves pulling them down via pulleys, watering them in the dishwasher room and sending them up to ceiling level again.

So, albeit reluctantly, I present this weekly job as the second in the new series and I also suggest a change in the Benedictine motto. It should be: "Ora et labora et ama."