Monday, March 9, 2015

This is what it's like

Last week our local PBS station was holding one of its quarterly pledge drives usually built around some special TV concert that they've engaged. I just happened upon it and was transported to the 80s and 90s with the unique sound of folk/country singer John Denver. I found myself amazed at the smooth and effortless singing voice he had, along with the memorable lyrics that came streaming back as I listened and hummed along.

A day later, on Friday night at supper, we sang Happy Birthday to our Sister Irene who turned 91 that day. She doesn't celebrate too much, but seemed to enjoy the sentiments nonetheless.

Saturday morning these two events came together for me, though without any conscious intention on my part. I found myself walking through the house humming one of John Denver's sad, sweet ballads whose first line begins with: "This is what it's like..." I was carrying my camera because the sun was shining and I thought I might get some indoor or outdoor shots that I could use.....and I came upon this, which I title: "This is what it's like being 91..."

Saturday morning in our small chapel.

If you, too, remember those wonderful John Denver songs you might enjoy taking a few minutes to listen to this one, his famous Calypso.