Monday, April 20, 2015

aa, ee, oo, ll

Aardvark, eerie, oomph, and llama. There's not a lot of these doubles, at least in actual words, so I guess this would qualify as a seldom seen, if I wasn't limiting that to just our place. But, nonetheless, here it is, or I should say, here they are.

BTW, we had a wonderful weekend with Fr. Diarmuid O' Murchu a prolific writer and social psychologist from Ireland. Most of us had read at least one of this 20 books--written over the last 20 years, but few of us had ever heard him speak--live. It took us 4 years to get him, but get him we did this weekend and it certainly matched or exceeded our expectations. Do google him if you're curious. Suffice is to say, we are indeed blessed by the outstanding people that come through our doors.

Now, back to the double lettered words. Sunday afternoon, in need of a little real weekend experience, we took a ride in the countryside around Harborcreek/North East. The area is very rural, totally inundated with the grape industry and rural enough for large wooded areas and many, many farms. As we rounded one corner, lo and behold this is what we saw: a "herd" (are they called herds?) of llama. They looked like some sort of cross between a big dog and a teddy bear! We pulled over to take a couple pictures and a man motioned us to turn in the driveway, so we did, and were treated to up close photos and the llama story.

He has had them for 3-4 years, and takes care of them himself. Once a year he shears them and sells the wool for yarn. He has named every one and posed with "Indiana Jones" for an up close photo. What a fun surprise! Outside of our zoo, which has a number of llama, this is a first!

This looked like a llama parade.

Really cute and cuddly looking!

The owner and Indiana Jones!