Thursday, April 16, 2015

Seldom Seen #5

In the ongoing "Seldom Seen" series this is one that I am glad is seldom seen--our exercise/fitness room! When I drive up or down Peach Street here in Erie, I pass the Glenwood Y and then the new LeCom fitness center. In both places the entire wall that faces Peach Street is floor to ceiling windows--and on the other side of those windows is a line of people exercising--walking a treadmill or riding a bike or another combination machine. All sweating, listening to something through ear buds, and providing the passing traffic with some interesting scenery.

Our fitness center is different and I for one am glad for that! It's down on the ground floor, semi-hidden, no windows. Yet, it has a nice display of offerings for our population: two treadmills, some different kinds of bikes, free weights, a TV with both cable and CD/DVD players and a couple things whose purpose I'm not sure!

Personally I've taken to the one treadmill that has a front piece which easily holds a book--which means that I walk and read a good book at the same time--though I've also chosen to watch TV if the time is right!

Thanks to our Wellness Coordinator who furnished much of it through grant writing and a fine interior design "eye" that makes it a very pleasant place--even without windows!