Thursday, April 23, 2015

Seldom Seen #6

Seldom Seen #6 is our version of a confessional. It is seldom seen because it is tucked away in a little reception-like room right inside our chapel foyer. It is often used for private conversations, spiritual direction and some storage of needed things for the gathering space right outside.

It is used for private confessions, especially during Lent and Advent, when we have a very nice general penance service, with the opportunity for individual confessions.

When I was very young in religious life...probably just after Vatican II, but long before its ideas were much implemented, I was told this joke: The young priest asked the older priest, who was the chaplain for a convent of nuns, what it was like to hear their confessions every week. The older priest paused and then answered, "It's like being pelted to death with popcorn." I didn't completely get it at first, being one of the nuns, as in the story. Today that would not be his answer, I'm sure.