Monday, April 13, 2015

The Creek Trail

Sunday Anne and I took the Creek Trail on our property from East Lake Rd all the way down to the lake and back...on a beautiful, spring afternoon. Our flowers are just on the verge of breaking out but with another couple of days of above 50 temps and such sun as we're starting to have, I'm hopeful that by this time next week we will be awash in spring yellows and pinks.

Meanwhile, look at what we found on our walk--amazing!

Looks like some woodpeckers "built" their home in this tree. Such precision shaving!

Can you see the little chipmunk looking out of this large fallen tree that might be his home, too?

Just as we approached this fisherman he caught a fish. He told us that he was from Pittsburgh and was happy to catch this Steelhead Rainbow Trout which he said he'd keep because it is large enough and will taste delicious.

We saw these two pairs of paddlers out on the lake. That white line you can see on the horizon is ice. There still seemed to be quite a bit away from the shore. 

So, if you come to visit us your trip has to include your own walk on the trail along Seven-Mile Creek so that you can see what you'll find.