Monday, June 1, 2015

Seldom Seen #11

This weekend was what we refer to as "a free weekend" meaning that there was no community events for all of us. SBA did have their spring luncheon, but that affected only the grads of our 119-year old Academy that closed in 1988. The alumnae of the high school are a wonderful group and very faithful to their school.

Here are two seldom seen events I experienced on the "free" weekend: 1) Down at Glinodo we saw a young doe and her baby fawn, who was nursing right on the lawn next to Seven-Mile Creek. I did get my camera, but the doe was so skittish that I couldn't get a shot before she was off with her darling little one following her. 2) Here are the remnants of a nest, located right outside our back door where one of our sisters saw a mother bunny with her four new babies. Again, by the time I heard about it the bunnies were gone and this was all that was left, but it was interesting by itself as it is located on white stones with soft nesting material that she must have gathered from everywhere.

In case you missed WSEE's three-part segment on religious life in three women's community's in Erie here is the link that will take you to our 5-minute segment.