Thursday, June 11, 2015

Seldom Seen #13

This week we are on retreat and one of the many things the week brings, if the weather cooperates, is much more time to be outside: reading, walking our grounds or, as in the case of Wednesday's Morning Prayer, praying on the patio and enjoying the many blessings of the natural world.

Anne and I took a walk to the lake via the woods and creek trail and saw many things that I have not seen on the 100s of other trips there. So I easily label them: Seldom Seen.

We were walking the boardwalk to the lake and another sister who was also walking at Glinodo pointed out this lone male cardinal singing away on the very top of a nearby tree. 

The very back of our backyard, right along the tree line, revealed a large swatch of daisies when we weren't able to mow as often as we usually do in May. Thanks to our mowers, the daisies continue to thrive and give a beautiful, natural look out the back.

This is really a rarity for me, as I live on the east end of the house and our bluebird house and its residents are often seen out the south wing windows. But here he was, on the pine trees shining brightly in the evening setting sun. WOW!

And here's a fuller view of the bluebird (see him in the upper left corner?). For those who know our place, I'm sure you recognize the Mary of the Streets statue and the large cross at the back of the yard. Some retreatants told me that if you just sit out there for an hour or so the birds put on a glorious show.