Monday, July 6, 2015

Life at Lakeview

A fuzzy tree!

The course has a number of old, old willows. All are beautiful.

Daisies are out all over town.

Red berries for the birds on these bushes.

The "water holes" are made less menacing by scenes like this.

And this.

Grapes are very small and quite green at this time of summer.

Lots of the arrangements hold a variety of summer blossoms.

This is along East Lake Road, less than a mile from us. A huge, long array of orange tiger lilies. Click any photo to enlarge.

The three-day holiday weekend was beautiful in Erie--no rain, lots of sun and warmth. We are blessed and very grateful--after a rainy June! That said, I had the opportunity to play golf twice (!) which is unheard of, but it's a matter of "taking the opportunity" as the next few weekends are busy, busy! Here are scenes from Lakeview Golf Course, a lovely, rural, yet very well-kept nine-hole course on the PA-NY border near us. I grabbed my camera at every hole and this is what we found. 

Yes, we did golf, too!