Monday, July 27, 2015

Seldom Seen #18

I guess when your car goes off into a ditch or you're driving by at 30 mph you don't view a ditch as anything more than...well, a ditch.

The area of Harborcreek where we live still has quite a number of streets with open drainage ditches the length of them. In the summer, precisely these 2-3 weeks, the ditches are in bloom--with the wildflowers indigenous to northwest Pennsylvania. If you're walking by them you get a up close view of some beautiful natural arrangements including lots of chicory (blue) and Queen Anne's Lace.

Our daily backyard visitors,  now that the apples have appeared, include a doe and her fawn, other doe and two young bucks. All getting along pretty well from what we can see! They all love the apples, grapes at Benetwood, and even the crab apples that are abundant on many trees this summer.