Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stay-cation 2015

Our "stay-cation" 2015 has taken us to Presque Isle twice already. It is such a special place, I could go there every day!

By this time in the summer the tourists and vacationers are just about gone and only "locals" are around, the real lovers of the state park. We walked the very beginning of the trail that starts at the first parking lot. We got as far as The Feather, the accessible lookout over the marshes at the turn to Leo's Landing. Look what we saw along the way:

Here is a look across the bay at the Erie Yacht Club.

This Blue Heron tried to hide from us but we finally got a good enough view for a shot. 

This is just part of a beautiful scene on the road to Leo's Landing. The nearby sign says it is part of a restoration area being handled by the state of Pennsylvania.