Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Approaching 100

Since the community started, in 1999, the Take Back the Site vigils at the scene of homicides in the city, they have increased in number every year it seems...and certainly, if for no other reason than their constancy, the sadness of the attendees. Today's was # 90-something, as we continue to creep toward #100.

They are, in many ways, all the same--and yet, each has a uniqueness. The one today had two unique elements that stood out to me: one, the victim and the accused were cousins. Both young, black males, 12:30 am outside of a bar: those elements were not the unique ones.

The second uniqueness is the increasing number of men who are attending the prayer. Some clergy, some teens and young boys with their mothers, but an increasing number of just adult men. It's heartening, as the great majority of the victims are male.

The sadness continues, the shaking of heads in bewilderment and helplessness continues, the prayers for both the living and the dead continue.

And hope continues, too.....