Thursday, September 3, 2015

What's Up?

About once a month or so I find myself at a loss for what to post here. I can usually get out of it by asking myself the question, If a guest was here today what would they be experiencing, seeing or hearing us talking about? That's what occurred today and, as happens, something came along and, voila, here it is.

At the far end of both our north and south wings is an addition that was built on in the late 80s. They are basically the same color brick and are three stories high, just like the original wings they were attached to, so it's hard to tell where the additions start. But, there was also something new. Between the wings was added a covered walkway. And, along the walkway, set in both the pillars and in the entrance ways, are old marble tombstones, used before all our cemetery stones became uniform.

Over the last couple of days some fellows have been cleaning up both our gazebo and this walkway (You know how things that are permanently outside need a special "cleaning" or "weatherizing" every couple of years.) Anyway, these old, old marble stones are now just shining as the natural colors and veins in the marble just popped right out. (Pun really wasn't intended!)

So here's what you might see if you were taking an easy stroll around our place this week.

Very, very nicely done. Thank you Paul and friend and to our great physical resources department!