Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gallery beauty

I made a quick 48 hour trip to Boston this week to attend "A Conversation" between Joan C. and the author of her biography, Tom Roberts. It was held at the Pucker Gallery on Newbury St. in Boston, the place that has been the longtime gallery of the ceramics of Brother Thomas. Bernie and Sue Pucker are extraordinary hosts and both the gallery event and the dinner at their home afterwards were as special as they come. Here are a few photos from these lovely moments.

Joan and Tom signed many, many books by the attendees. Publisher Robert Ellsberg from Orbis Books was also there.

The primary exhibit of Thomas' works for this show.

The "back room" of Thomas' works!

We have over 100 of Thomas' pieces, Pucker Gallery has over 800. We have some that I've never seen there and they have some, the likes of which I've never seen at our place. Here are two of those.