Thursday, October 22, 2015

"October gave a party"

Autumn is moving along very nicely, as this week without harsh rain and winds has brought our golds and reds and yellows out in full bloom. When the sun shines on the woods and roadsides it is really breathtaking. That can all disappear in a whisper if a heavy rain and/or strong winds blow through...crossing our fingers that we get a lot more beautiful days.

To see the results of my apple "test" you can compare this photo with the one on Monday. Twenty apples set out, eleven there today. Between the deer, squirrels and numerous other "critters" I'm not sure which got to them but 7-8 are totally gone, a couple chewed on site and the rest seem poised to disappear this weekend.

Finally, a tribute to one of my most faithful "fans" and supporters. Our eldest (and wisest?!?!) sister turned 98 this week. That makes our range 98 to 27! Congratulations Sister Placida and thank you for all your encouragements, the fine book reviews for that page on our website and for sharing these daily trivialities with your friends and families. I hope they enjoy this little lens into our daily life here at MSB in Erie.

"October gave a party.."