Monday, December 7, 2015

Wild about Advent

We are "wild" about Advent--and why not? Sunday, the second Sunday of Advent, we had a superb liturgy, marvelous homily and beautiful music/singing.

Then, this is the sky that greeted us at sunset:

And every day there are scriptures like this one from the second week's Monday liturgy:

" The desert and the parched land will exult; 
the steppe will rejoice and bloom.  
They will bloom with abundant flowers, 
and rejoice with joyful song....
then will the eyes of the blind be opened, 
the ears of the deaf be cleared; 
Then will the lame leap like a stag, 
then the tongue of the mute will sing. 
Streams will burst forth in the desert, 
and rivers in the steppe."
Isaiah 35