Thursday, January 21, 2016

January miracles

My friend Joanne and I are almost giddy with excitement--for the same reason: our orchids are blooming!

Joanne bought hers at the end of last spring, when the orchids in a local supermarket were on their last legs. She loved the look of them and thought she'd give it a try--to get it to bloom again. Warned by local experts not to be disappointed if nothing happened (as they are famously persnickety) she almost gave up, but right before she moved to Erie in August she spied a small green growth and added the plant to her car when she joined our Benedicta Riepp program.

Mine is from Anne W's installation last July. She received it as a gift and I volunteered to house it and even try to get new blooms when the original ones fell away in September. Unlike Joanne I had already been unsuccessful with one orchid, but this one looked hardier so I was encouraged to give it another try.

Voila! Both came into bloom over these last 2-3 weeks--a welcome gift from the natural world in the midst of a snow-covered one, to be sure!