Monday, January 18, 2016

The many languages of God

Amidst the beginning of a lake effect snowstorm that is scheduled to blanket our area for the next 24 hours or so, Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders in Erie held an interfaith prayer service for an end to violence--a phenomenon that has not bypassed our city over the last year. Despite the snow there was a very fine turnout and the prayers, reflections and songs were peace-driven and sincere.

Our musicians helped provide the music and readings from the religious women's communities of the area.

Upon returning home I wondered if Mary Oliver had anything to more to say about God (one of her frequent subjects) in her new book Felicity. Here's what I found--from "Whistling Swans."

Do you bow your head when you pray or do you look up into the blue space?
Take your choice, prayers fly from all directions.
And don't worry about what language you use,
God no doubt understands them all.