Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wintry scenes

Here are a couple wintry scenes that caught my eye recently. The first is one of the Horseshoe Pond houseboats that we saw on a ride around Presque Isle State Park, aka "the peninsula," aka "the beach." It just looked so pristine with the large Christmas "wreath" (lights on a buoy) and the quiet water that day.

The second shot was taken right out back, I perched on the patio in sub-freezing temps trying not to laugh so the camera wouldn't shake as I had been told that there were two snowmen in our backyard. O, to be a novice once again (with a helper)!

When we were in the novitiate (all 20 of us) we were taken out of Erie to one of our cottages for an afternoon in early winter. We were expressly told to be careful tobogganing, but of course, although we'd all grown up sledding the hills of Erie, doing such in full length black habits and accompanying veils and "headgear" was another trick. So, down we went over and over again on a mildly-inclined hill until one of us fell off rather awkwardly and, voila, a sprained ankle and the end of our fun day!

Maybe we should have stuck to snowman building.