Thursday, February 25, 2016

4 and 20 (No. 2)

Just so you don't think all the important and new things at our place are inanimate objects....the best ones are people and here's one:

Susan K. is our Food Service Director who joined us within the last 24 months. She brought a wealth of experience in food service for large groups with her and we are all so pleased with her and her staff (some she inherited, some are new). One of the nicest things about this staff is that they are totally open to opinions and ideas re: our meals. Not that they are able (or should) fashion individual meals for us, but they really do work hard at offering a combination of what is good for us and what we really like. (Sometimes those two things match and sometimes they don't!) Susan is also working in sync with our Health Service Director on the "what is good for us" part!

One last comment: our guests go wild over our food, especially our ever-growing and changing salad bar. We added the new salad bar at the time of our renovation in 2006-7 and Susan has continued its fine variety and offerings. I love watching the wide-eyed looks when our guests first see it (especially in the women who have an appreciation of what it takes to have 25-30 offerings...all cut up, fresh and arranged so attractively!)