Thursday, February 4, 2016

Be cured. Cure others.

One of the liturgical things our community does so well is take pre-Vatican II prayers, devotions and Catholic practices and update them into the 21st c. post-Vatican II spirituality. Joan Chittister has done this marvelously in a number of her books and booklets: one on the Ten Commandments, the Apostles Creed, novenas, the Liturgical Year and the rosary to name a few.

The community does the same thing, as our liturgists adapt the true message of the devotion or practice and bring it forward, so that it will speak its universal message to us today.

Case in point. February 3 is the feast of St. Blaise. Connected to his feast is the blessing of throats with long crossed candles--at one time actually lit candles! Today we continue this devotion but here is what we say with each person as they come forth for the blessing:

Through the intercession of St. Blaise
may your throat be free from all maladies.
Utter nothing unkind.
Be cured. Cure others.


I think it's quite beautiful and does "fit," so to speak, with the times.

Just caught the 4:00 pm sun crossing past the west wall of our chapel and illuminating our seven tall narrow "jeweled" windows. They were just shimmering, along with their reflections on the ceramic sides.