Monday, February 8, 2016

Beauty amidst the bleakness

Took a twirl around our peninsula this weekend and was delightfully surprised at what a bright, warm sunny day can do to an otherwise black, white and grey winter state park.

Following a week of above freezing temperatures and many sunny days the ice on the bay is gone, as are the ice fishing huts. Even the lake's dunes looked smaller and the lake itself, except for right up against the shore, was ice-free, also. A week of cold, cold temps would surely reverse all that but, thankfully, that is not predicted---yet.

There were numerous cars making the rounds on a weekend afternoon and I found these two shots to share.

Many,  many Canada geese winter on Presque Isle. They are majestic and beautiful, as are their cute little fuzzy goslings, come spring. If it just wasn't for that one characteristic, people might welcome them more!

As you near the Perry Monument and travel well past it, you encounter hundreds of white birch trees, which at this time of year stand out in the leafless wooded areas. This little grouping is right at the east pier and looks like longtime friends meeting for coffee on a cold winter afternoon!